Nominate and Celebrate.

Welcome to the heart of Awards for Indian Influencers (AFII) – the Nominate and Celebrate section. This is where your journey towards recognition begins, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Why Nominate Yourself?

  • Celebrating Excellence: AFII is all about celebrating excellence in the world of Indian influencers. If you’ve been making waves and leaving your mark in the digital sphere, it’s time for your talent and dedication to be recognized.
  • Showcase Your Influence: By nominating yourself, you’re taking the opportunity to showcase your influence and impact. Whether you’re a content creator, community builder, or a rising star, your unique contribution deserves the spotlight.
  • Join an Influential Community: AFII isn’t just an awards platform; it’s a community of like-minded influencers and content creators. By nominating yourself, you become part of this vibrant network, where you can connect, collaborate, and grow.

The Nomination Process

  • Choose Your Category: Start by selecting the category that aligns best with your niche and influence. We’ve carefully curated categories that encompass a wide range of fields, from content creation to community engagement.
  • Up to 2 Entries: We understand that influencers often have diverse talents. That’s why we allow you to submit a maximum of two entries. Showcase your versatility and increase your chances of recognition.

How We Evaluate

  • Profile-Based Evaluation: AFII believes in recognizing your overall influence and impact. We don’t require you to submit videos or content for evaluation. Instead, our expert panel will delve into your influencer profile to gauge your influence, engagement, and contribution.

The Rewards of Recognition

  • Grand Trophies: Each category will have its shining star – the influencer who stood out the most. This influencer will be awarded a prestigious trophy, symbolizing their excellence.
  • Official Certificates: Winners will receive official certificates acknowledging their remarkable influence within their respective category.
  • Assured Prizes: AFII appreciates every participant. That’s why we extend our gratitude to all nominees with certificates of participation, and winners will be celebrated with exciting prizes.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Nomination Period: From 17th September to 30th September, this is your window to shine. Make sure your nomination reaches us during this time.
  • Winner Announcement : Mega Event date to be announced soon.

Your influence deserves recognition, and AFII is your platform to achieve it. Begin your self-nomination today, and let’s celebrate the incredible world of Indian influencers together.

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